The Creed

Assassin’s Creed is one of my favorite video games. I made this song because I was inspired by the depth of the game. Most people are unaware, these games are set in actual historical periods of the world. Every target in the game is a real and important figure in human history that died in a mysterious way. The unique puzzles intertwined in a Role Playing Game, combined with the information about current technologies and intriguing perspectives about the past; this series is a brilliant masterpiece by Ubisoft.


Me – Contest Submission

This was my second song entered in a music competition. I was still learning but slightly improved as a producer of my own music. I randomly saw an ad from a music production company called Jee Juh Productions, that stated artists could pick an instrumental from a specific list of Jee Juh produced instrumentals, record their lyrics to the track and submit the finished song to be judged by the producers on the Jee Juh judges committee. I didn’t win first place, but I won the instrumental, allowing me to keep and own full rights to the song.


Blue Skies – Contest Submission

This was my first song entered in a music competition. Jay Dillen is a producer from Orange County, CA, that hosted this opportunity for hip hop artists; specifically  for MC’s who had talent but did not have access to good production software. Jay Dillen has worked with many famous artists, including Stevie Wonder so I was very interested. The objective was to record the best lyrics to the instrumental that he produced for the event and submit it on YouTube by the required deadline. He also hired the Prodigal Sunn, grammy nominee from the Wu-Tang Clan, to be the head judge on the panel. It was an honor to take first place, the experience and feedback were pieces of my journey that I will never forget.