The Creed

Assassin’s Creed is one of my favorite video games. I made this song because I was inspired by the depth of the game. Most people are unaware, these games are set in actual historical periods of the world. Every target in the game is a real and important figure in human history that died in a mysterious way. The unique puzzles intertwined in a Role Playing Game, combined with the information about current technologies and intriguing perspectives about the past; this series is a brilliant masterpiece by Ubisoft.

Blue Skies


The Boy


Rich – Part 2



Dream Team

Disturbed Freestyle

My Side


To all those who’ve been with me through the journey.

Luke Cage Freestyle


Created after watching Netflix’s Luke Cage. A blend of the Intro and Outro music with some added lyrics.


Me – Contest Submission

This was my second song entered in a music competition. I was still learning but slightly improved as a producer of my own music. I randomly saw an ad from a music production company called Jee Juh Productions, that stated artists could pick an instrumental from a specific list of Jee Juh produced instrumentals, record their lyrics to the track and submit the finished song to be judged by the producers on the Jee Juh judges committee. I didn’t win first place, but I won the instrumental, allowing me to keep and own full rights to the song.